Motorcycle Sales and Service

Motorcycle Sales and Service

For over 100 years, motorcycle sales and service have kept motorcycle enthusiasts on the road. Early motorcycles were developed out of what was a growing demand for bicycles. At the turn of the 20th Century, several pioneering motorcycle brand names dominated the motorcycle market and those same motorcycle brands continue to dominate the 21st Century motorcycle market.

For example, Harley Davidson is a classic series of motorcycles that has a long and storied history with a legion of fans that includes owners, motorcycle enthusiasts, old and young alike. Distinguished by its style, unique engine sound and fan loyalty, Harley Davidson motorcycles are unlike any bikes ever produced. From modest beginnings in 1901, Harley Davidson Incorporated was the brainchild of William Harley who had developed a small, powerful engine. Like many engine manufacturers of the era, these engines were intended for use with existing bicycle designs, combining motorized power with pedal power. From a small shop in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, Harley and his partner, Arthur Davidson embarked on a journey that would revolutionize the world of motorized transportation.

1903 saw the introduction of its first production motorcycle and early Harley-Davidson bikes were popular as race machines. By the end of the decade, Harley Davidson was selling a version if its bikes for use as police vehicles. Shortly thereafter, The Company introduced a 45 degree V-twin engine design that would represent a style synonymous with Harley-Davidson for years to come.

The iconic Royal Enfield brand is the pride of British manufacturing companies and has established a reputation that dates back to the mid 1800s. Like many early manufacturers of personal transportation, founder George Townsend focus on producing parts for existing bicycle designs, and by 1893 was producing and selling complete bicycles under the Enfield name. It was not long before Townsend turned the name Enfield and its slogan built like a gun into household words across Great Britain.

The most endearing product introduction by Royal Enfield has to be the Bullet. With a single cylinder, four stroke engine, the 1933 Bullet sported a dramatic front to rear rake making for truly classic line. World War II brought a one of a kind bike from Enfield, the Flying Flea. Complete with its own parachute and packing cage, the Flying Flea could be dropped from an aircraft along with the troops provided a means of motorized battlefield transport not previously available.